Thank you to these Alki friends and families for their support!

Hobbs-Beckley and Reese Families
Craig & Whitney Marois
Danielle Jones and Lisa Rockel
Steve Nemeth
Darrell & Candy Glover
Stan Athan
Amy Evans
Amy May
Sean Eley
Ingrid Suess-Harkleroad
Sean Meckley
Erik Bell
Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox
Brenda Walden
Aimee Fuentes
Erin Kelley
Curt, Cristina, & Vincent Ryser
Gary Reifel
Kirsten & Dan Donovan
Lucy Salle
Melia Scranton
Emma Buneci
Pam Bigatel
Alki Parents and Students
Alyson Hallberg
Sarah Martinez
Sierra Hansen
Aleta & Chris Paraghamian
Principal Hobbs-Beckley
Laura & Ron Nowka
Lisa Nobis
Colleen Davis
Amy Fields
Patti Johnson
Michell Rodriguez
Bill Town
Jennifer Coats
Alki Friends
Janna Major
Chris & Jodie Prescott
Zach & Alana Scott
Lisa Noyes
Tom & Laura Mount

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