Staff Appreciation THIS WEEK May 2nd- 6th!


We plan to give Alki’s educators the Best Week Ever! Here’s how you can help:

Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer! The week is filled with special treats to thank our staff for all they do throughout the whole year! Visit ASAP and help coordinate gift baskets for staff, bring treats for the breakfast bar, help clean the staff lounge, give an hour of your time to help with a staff member’s never-ending to-do list, bring taco fixin’s for a special Cinco De Mayo Luncheon. PLEASE DON’T DELAY – sign up now to be a part of making our Alki educators feel extra special!

Kids Say the Darnedest Things:  Still looking for kid quotes for Alki’s teachers and staff!  Please send responses to Amy Cooper,, to be compiled and given to their respective recipients May 6th!  If you would also like to share a message of gratitude from yourself – feel free!

  • My favorite thing about my teacher is…
  • My teacher always says…
  • My teacher likes when I…
  • My favorite memory so far this year is…

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