2016/2017 PTA Proposed Budget


The 2016 PTA Budget Committee would like to thank staff and PTA event chairs for submitting budget requests in a timely manner and would like to present the proposed PTA budget for 2016/17 found here:  (Alki Proposed Budget 2016 2017)

The committee met three times in April.  They carefully reviewed  all requests and standing line items deciding  to  approve, partially approve or deny funds.  Input was provided by the selected PTA budget committee members, Principal Beckley, Alki teachers and staff, collected feedback from the fall PTA parent survey and other parent sources and, as always, the needs of our student body.

Majority of requests were those that we have been proud to fund previously ie: lunchroom/playground support, health room support, library materials, and teacher discretionary funds for every classroom, social events, and operational costs.  One notable and significant new request came this year from Principal Beckley and the BLT asking $55,000 to keep our half time counselor position.  Due to a change in SPS criteria for allocating counselors Alki will lose this position next year. This is  will be a significant impact on our school and it was unanimously proposed that the PTA fund to keep our counselor for the benefit of all Alki students.

The budget committee is so grateful to our membership and all Alki families for putting us in a position to potentially save our students from being directly affected by this staff cut.  However, we fully understand and would expect our membership to also weigh what this means for other PTA programs and/or events that may have had to be cut in order to fund what we can and keep a healthy reserve in our bank – although we significantly dipped into it with this proposal.  We also have our eyes forward to changing these criteria in hopes that this is not a new normal, rather a temporary lapse in policy that we will fight to be rectified.

The 2016 budget committee thanks you for your thoughtful consideration of their proposal.  Please plan to attend the May 12th General PTA meeting 6:30pm-7:30pm for Budget presentation and discussion.

Alki Proposed Budget 2016 2017

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