Congratulations 5th Grade Families

Congratulations 5th Grade Families and special thanks to past volunteers for 6 years of blood, sweat, and tears!  Among these amazing volunteers are some people who have been a huge part of our PTA and will be greatly missed:
Jennifer Trise: Former PTA President and amazing Staff Appreciation chair
Michell Rodiguez: Golden Acorn Award winner – PTA treasurer, Auction chair, volunteer extraordinaire
Jen Fernandez: Auction procurement, daytime banking
Brooke Gosztola: Former PTA treasurer
Christina Padilla: Former Harvest Festival chair, BLT member, volunteer
Karen Bush & Pam Douros: 12 years of volunteering each!
Petra Whitehead: Volunteer at countless events
Jason Earls: Volunteer
Sara Epler: Volunteer

And the countless others who have given their time and talent to make Alki an incredible school, Thank you!

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