PTA Legislative Focus Day


Monday, Jan. 16 (9:00 AM – 3:00 PM)


WSPTA has closed registration because they reached capacity in the Columbia room, but please still come!  Here are events to participate in:

  • 10:30 AM – Rally on the Steps with other education groups
  • 12:00 PM –  In the Rotundu the Governor and Superintendent of Public Instruction will speak
  • Meetings with legislators

Also good to note:   The Columbia room is the large meeting room that the WSPTA will be using as a hospitality room for the day.  Most of the action will happen elsewhere in meetings with legislators, at the rally and speakers in the Rotunda.  So, for un-registered people, it will be like not having a coat-check, not like listening to a concert from outside.

MLK Day; Please join us!

Where: Capital Building, Olympia, Washington

Every year PTA members from all over Washington State assemble in Olympia for Focus Day to connect with other passionate parent advocates, discuss PTA priorities, and to meet with legislators to have our voices heard.  This is an important opportunity to meet our representatives and remind them that we are here, we are engaged, and we vote!

On Focus Day, the Washington State PTA (WSPTA) develops and delivers sessions in the morning to educate members on the State PTA platform (see below), provide useful advocacy tips, and provide advice to help PTAs develop year-long advocacy strategies.

In the afternoon, PTA members are encouraged to attend prearranged meetings with their state representatives.  Alki PTA is partnering with other West Seattle and district 34 schools for these meetings so that we can present a unified front. We are prioritizing engagement on school counselors, multiculturalism, and fully funding education.

So that everyone that attends feels prepared for Focus Day, we will be preparing fact sheets with information about who we are meeting with, and what Alki PTA and Washington State PTA priorities are.

On Focus Day we will:

  1. Get an overview of Washington State PTA’s and Alki PTA’s legislative priorities.
  2. Attend presentations from the State level PTA about advocacy strategies.
  3. Connect with other parents, teachers, and education advocates for coalition building.
  4. Meet with our legislators to discuss issues that are important to our school and our community, like insufficient funding for schools, and losing our counselor.
  5. We will leave a letter with our legislators as a reminder of the issues in our community.

It is going to be a great day! Join us!  If you are interested, even if you are just thinking about it, please contact Elise Carlson-Rainer ( and Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox ( so that you can be on the list to receive information about the day and discuss carpooling to get to Olympia.

Focus Day Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are kids allowed at the event?   People do bring kids but there are not activities or childcare set up for the day.
  • Will there be a bus going down like last year? Last year a few West Seattle Schools got together and chartered a bus down to Olympia.  This is still undecided but a possibility for this year too.  Stay tuned.
  • Will there also be a way to honor MLK Day while we are in Olympia?
  • There is a rally planned that day by the NAACP, Washington’s Paramount Duty, and Washington State Education Association (WEA) to advocate for equitable school funding.  There may also be sessions within the Focus Day program.

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