Not Sure About Volunteering at the Auction?


This month we will be having an Auction Information Meeting to try to get rid of the “hype” and “skepticism” that may or may not have persuaded some from signing up to help with next year’s auction.

I (Angela Powell) hesitantly chaired the Auction this year and am fully aware of how crazy it may seem from the outside (and in)… but because I’ve done it… I’m also aware that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Each year we have options to run it the way we want, and usually it always differs a little bit from the past.  This month in preparation for our Information Meeting, I have started looking into better (& cheaper) venues, alternative auctioneers, and different dates to host the event.


I’ve confirmed many of the members from last year’s team are willing to come back and help out in supporting roles I personally will also be coming back on the team, heading up all the graphic design assets (program, tickets, live auction presentation, communications, etc.)  Last year I did both design & chaired and though I had a ton of fun, it was just too much for me while also working full-time and being the Communications VP.

Some of the main roles we are trying to fill right now:

  • Auction Chair
  • Procurement Lead & Team
  • Buy-In Party Coordinator
  • Website Database Lead
  • Decorations Committee

We are trying to make this as easy as possible for parents to get involved…

Please Sign-Up Here

And let us know if you are interested in any of the roles OR you just want to come to the Information Meeting to see if it’s something you think you want to get involved in.

Thank you again!

Angela Powell

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