Congrats Alki Thespians / Thank You Volunteers


Congratulations to the cast and crew of Aesop’s Fables for their fantastic 3 day run this past weekend at the West Seattle High School Theater!  For the last two and a half months 45 Alki students have been singing, dancing and acting their way to the final production and it finally all paid off.

A very special thanks to this year’s director, Alki’s multi-arts teacher, Ms. Melia Scranton assisted by Alki parent and volunteer choreographer, Lindsay Yost.  Also bringing his talents to the production, Alki parent, Billy Stover accompanied on the piano.  Joel Oltyan joined the Alki family as Stage Manager and much appreciation goes out to West Seattle High School theatre students for providing lighting and sound.

Of course none of it would be possible without parent’s and teacher’s support supervising during rehearsals and making the magic happen backstage during performances. Thank you to: Amy Evans, Holly Ingalls, Jennifer Roshalt, Laura Mount, Robin Thaler, Monica and Sean Eley, Amey Nutter, Lisa Nobis, Candace Denney, Kim Amandus, Annie Wagar, Davina Dilley, Danielle Jones, Cara Wass de Czege, Amy May, Lindsay McDonald, Drew Crain, Pam Bigatel, Renee LaCoste, Wendy Stover, Amy Cooper and a very special thank you to Mr. Josh and Ms. Moroles.

Alki PTA also thanks Cara Wass de Czege and Danielle Jones for organizing the bake sale and the many families who brought yummy treats to enjoy before and after the show: Robin Thaler, Lynda Sullivan, Pam Bigatel, Amy Evans, Amy May, Sarah Amandus, Monica Eley, Patti Johnson, Lindsay McDonald, Melissa Koops, Angela Lee, Hope Youngs and Karen Boudour.

Thank you again this year to Lynda Sullivan for providing flowers for purchase for the young thespians.  Such a special touch that is SO appreciated.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to all of you who came out to the theater in support of Alki PTA’s musical program. We look forward to the next big production!

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