Auction Information Meeting – Recap


Thank you to all those that attended Feb. 16th’s Auction Information Meeting.  It was great to have an open conversation about the event and to hear everyone’s ideas & questions.  A big shout out to next year’s chairs: Mark Turpen & Brenda Gage for stepping up and working together to make the 2017 Auction amazing.

For those who couldn’t attend the meeting… here is a brief recap of what was covered and the roles we still need to fill.


Alki PTA Funded Programs

So it’s not necessarily a secret that the PTA funds a lot of the things that go on at Alki.  I know for myself that I had no idea when I first came in as a Kinder parent.  A big reason I got involved in the Auction was to do something about Alki’s funding… the other reason was I just wanted to meet other parents and be a part of this awesome community.


65% of the PTA budget comes from money made at our Annual Auction.

I’m sure you’ve seen this number on our website, but as a refresher… the Auction contributes 65% to the Alki PTA school budget.  Isn’t that crazy?  We of course have the Alki-A-Thon, Clothes for Cause, Dine Outs, and Box Tops… but the reality is that the majority still comes from the Auction.

And to make that even more exciting… there is some pretty big news about this years auction.  Our 2016 Havana Nights Auction just hit $100,000 raised!

But… how did we get there?


Auction Breakdown: Where money is raised.

  • $9,700 – Ticket Sales
  • $17,000 – Live Auction
  • $24,200 – Raise the Paddle
  • $3,320 – Raffle
  • $8,400 – Sellable Items
  • $16,600 – Buy-In / Sign-ups
  • $18,200 – Silent

None of this would be possible without a Procurement Team & volunteers.


Auction Breakdown: Procurement by the Numbers


All the different ways the auction team targets possible money makers.

So how does it work? (simplified timeline)


Timeline: Preparation


Timeline: Finish line

Everything is run through an online software: School  An Auction site that Alki has been using since 2010.

9 Online software we’ve used since 2010.

Here are some of the main jobs that make the auction happen (the ones in white are the ones we need to fill.)  The main roles we need help in are Procurement team and Buy-In Coordinator.




Find out more email:

Sign up here

Auction Role Descriptions (some have been filled)

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