Budget Committee Process


Thank you to Amy Cooper, Danielle Jones, Patty Johnson, Lindsay Yost, Lisa Rockel, Davina Dilley, Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox and Heidi Isaza for volunteering to serve on this year’s PTA Budget Committee at our January 5th PTA meeting.

Do you Chair an existing program or event at Alki? We need PTA Budget Request Forms from all staff and volunteers requesting funding for next year’s events/programs – even if funds were granted for this current year.  Do you have any thoughts or ideas of new events or programs you’d like to bring to Alki?  We welcome your budget requests as well!   Please find PTA Budget Request Forms in the information rack outside the office or download at alkipta.com and turn them in to the PTA Mailbox by Friday, March 31st or email to president@alkipta.com.  The Alki PTA Budget process is as follows:

  • Friday, Mar. 31 – ALL PTA Budget Request Forms are due in the PTA Mailbox or emailed to president@alkipta.com
  • Principal Deese reviews and passes on to the PTA Treasurer
  • April – PTA Treasurer and Budget Committee meet 2-3 times to carefully and thoughtfully review and approve, partially fund or deny submitted budget requests and create proposed 2017-2018 Alki PTA Budget
  • Requestors will be informed if their request was approved, partially funded or denied
  • May 5th General PTA Meeting – Proposed PTA Budget is presented to general membership 30 days prior to vote – discussion and feedback welcome
  • June 7th – (date subject to change) PTA Budget vote by general membership at last PTA meeting of the year

2017-18 Budget Request Form

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