Last Chance to request PTA funds for the 2017/2018 School Year!


PTA Budget Request Forms (found next to the PTA mailbox, “Information Station” or or download here) are due this FRIDAY, MARCH 31ST!  Whether you Chair an existing PTA program or event OR you have a new idea to bring to our students next year – we need your requests!  Please help out your PTA Budget Committee by submitting your requests by the deadline so they can have productive and efficient meetings. You can drop the form in the PTA Mailbox or email to

Please use this opportunity to engage in your organization!  It is because of your support we can bring so many wonderful opportunities to our students – NOW is the time to voice where you want to see YOUR dollars go! Please join us at April 5th’s General PTA meeting to share your thoughts as budget discussions kick off.  The budget process is as follows:

  • Friday, Mar. 31 – ALL PTA Budget Request Forms are due in the PTA Mailbox (or emailed to
  • Principal Deese reviews and passes on to the PTA Treasurer
  • April – PTA Treasurer and Budget Committee meet 2-3 times to carefully and thoughtfully review and approve, partially fund or deny submitted budget requests and create proposed 2017-2018 Alki PTA Budget
  • Requestors will be informed if their request was approved, partially funded or denied
  • May 5th General PTA Meeting – Proposed PTA Budget is presented to general membership 30 days prior to vote – discussion and feedback welcome
  • June 7th – (date subject to change) PTA Budget vote by general membership at last PTA meeting of the year

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