Write the Mayor to Support Transportation & Safety


Have you been negatively impacted by the bell time changes this year and proposals for next year?  Ask the Mayor to help us with a 1 time transportation ask.

Here is a template to email Seattle leaders: council@seattle.gov, Dwane.Chappelle@seattle.gov, scott.kubly@seattle.gov, and the Mayor using the form link.

Dear Seattle leaders,

Please support Seattle Public Schools by allocating $2.3m to the transportation costs of the Bell Times Initiative, as well as $367k to continue the Crossing Guard Program — effective this coming school year.

It’s my understanding that Seattle anticipates collecting $14 million from school speed zone violations in the next two years. A portion of these funds can and should be used to ensure the safety of Seattle students. Based on ample research Seattle Public Schools has determined that shifting to two start times is in the interest of the safety, success, and well being of our students.

As a Seattle resident and parent I ask that you use the speed zone camera funds as they were initially intended — to benefit our students.


Seattle Parent



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