Auction 2017 – Join our Team!


Congratulations to our amazing community and the 2015/16 Auction Team in helping to make 2016’s “Havana Nights” the BIGGEST fundraiser in Alki’s HISTORY which raised $101,000 for our School!

Great JOB to All and THANK YOU!!!

Now, don’t you want to get in on that excitement?? Mark your calendars for Saturday, Nov. 11 for next year’s BIG EVENT!

“What’s the theme” you might be Wondering, Kentucky Derby, The Alki Way! 

Join our 2017 Auction Team and share your vision and you can help make this the best auction ever!

We are also looking for business and family procurement support to bring back our biggest and best supporters as well as making new connections with local businesses and Alki’s fabulous families! Planning is underway!

Help make it all happen and reap the rewards come November

Questions?  Contact Mark Turpen ( or Brenda Gage ( for more information.

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