Upcoming Coverage for 59th & Admiral Intersection


(SDOT blog photo for 59th/Alki all-way-stop conversion)

The Alki Elementary Traffic Safety Task Force (TSTF) has organized the following events that will be taking place THIS week and we invite all interested parents to join us:

  • Monday, 10.9.17 (7:35 AM): The West Seattle Blog will join the TSTF at the intersection as part of their ongoing coverage of the intersection.
  • Tuesday, 10.10.17 (7:35 AM): SDOT Safe Routes to School Coordinator will meet with the TSTF at the intersection to discuss issues that parents are experiencing.
  • Thursday, 10.12.17 (7:30 AM): King5 will have their crew at the intersection to interview parents on issues.

The TSTF is working on talking points to make sure our message is clear and focused. Bring your videos and stories! Please reach out to Merkys Gomez (merkysg@gmail.com) or Casey Lynn (casey_lynn@comcast.net). Thank you!!!

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