59th & Admiral Update


For years, the intersection on 59th Ave SW & SW Admiral Way had a pedestrian activated light for crossing Admiral. Although not ideal, the light generally stopped traffic. This did not offer a solution for crossing 59th, nor did it address concerns of speeding on Admiral.

 As we all began our morning commute to school for the start of the year, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) deactivated the traffic light, and placed all-way stop signs for this imperfect intersection that is far from a traditional 4-way stop.  Unfortunately, the current changes have provided an increase in lack of safety for both pedestrians and drivers.  Concerned parents and other area residents have been reaching out to key stakeholders for redress of their concerns. The response? The Seattle Department of Transportation is engaging in data collection, evaluation and analysis, with the data to be analyzed over a 6-month period — taking us right through our dark and rainy Seattle school days.

 A group of parents has formed a task force so that the City hears the force of our collective voices and experiences, and what a safe intersection means to our community and for our children’s’ safety. And we need them to hear that the final solution cannot wait until our darkest season is over.  But we cannot do it alone.  Please join your voices with ours!

 Here are some simple steps that you can take right away:

 It is critical that we as Alki Elementary parents demand that the city take the necessary steps to protect our children.  Make your voice heard by visiting www.AlkiKids.com!  All children deserve a safe route to walk to school.

 The Traffic Safety Task Force (TSTF) at Alki Elementary was started in September 2017 by Alki Elementary Parents due to safety concerns with changes for the start of the 2017-2018 school year to the intersection at 59th Ave SW & SW Admiral Way.  The mission of the TSTF is to advocate for safety improvements to the intersection at 59th Ave SW and SW Admiral Way to make it safer and more user friendly for the children who attend Alki Elementary, as well as for pedestrians and vehicles more generally.  For questions, please contact Merkys Gómez (merkysg@gmail.com). You can also visit our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/TrafficSafetyTaskForce/ or our website at www.AlkiKids.com.

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