Reflections open studio with Lindsay and Vanessa – Part 3!

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We’ve had so much fun these last two weeks that we would like to offer one last Reflections Open Studio session on November 1st!  Deadline for submissions is 11/2nd!

Join Alki Parents, and Reflections program enthusiasts, Lindsay Yost (dancer) and Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox (visual artist) for an afternoon of exploring the Reflections theme, creating a plan, and making art.


  • When: November 1st 1:10 – 3:10 PM
  • Where: Alki Elementary – Students meet in lunchroom, pick-up in Multi-Arts room
  • Who: Students interested in Reflections
  • Provided supplies: Watercolors, acrylic paint, canvas boards & brushes, paper, markers, pencil, oil pastels, and sculpy clay.  A camera and keyboard also onsite use.  Students are welcome to bring their own supplies.
  • Sign-Up
    Sessions are free but space is limited so please register.

More info about Reflections:

Is your kiddo interested in creating something for Reflections this year?  Would it be helpful to them to have some dedicated time to think about this year’s theme, Within Reach, and work on art?

“The deadline to turn in Reflections artwork is THIS THURSDAY, Nov. 2nd! You have two opportunities to turn in artwork:
  • We will be outside Thursday morning to collect artwork from students before school.
  • During the PTA meeting Thursday evening from 6:30-7:30 PM.
Email Lindsay Yost at if you need to coordinate a different time to turn in your artwork!”

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