Alki Derby Auction 2017 – Wins Big!


What a weekend at the races! It was Paydayforcharity for the win and Alki PTA in the winner’s circle when we raised $78,738.34 (and counting…) at the Alki Derby!

Huge thanks to this year’s auction team for all their hard work and everyone who supported the effort with time, donations and purchases to make this year’s auction a great success!

There is still plenty more fun to be had and funds to be raised with open Buy In spots for coveted teacher experiences for students and community building events for families! Stay tuned in the coming weeks when these experiences will be available online for purchase via the auction website!

Thank you, Alki!

Let’s get to the highlights!

  • Raise the Paddle – Counselor: $17,150
  • Kid Art: $5,925
  • Buy-In Parties & Experiences:  $8,900 (and counting)
  • Alderbrook Lodge Raffle: $3,320
    • Big Congrats to Zach McInelly who won the night at the Alderbrook Lodge.
  • Live Auction Horse Races: $2,000
  • Cornhole Game: $660

If you haven’t self-closed out yet… please click the link in your email so we can get our final numbers from the night.

A SPECIAL THANKS to our Auction Committee:

  • Mark Turpen & Brenda Gage:  Auction Co-Chairs
  • Pamela Boyd:  Procurement Lead
    • (Procurement Support: Ali Pankop)
  • Whitney Marois – Data Entry Lead
  • Merkys Gomez – Buy-In Parties
  • Laurie Rasmussen – Teacher Experiences & Buy-Ins
  • Britney Straus & Akemi Sakaida – Kid Art
  • Brooke Fitterer – Check In/Close Out
  • Heidi Fahy, Mike Fahy, Holly Ingalls, Courtney Johnson, Lindsay McDonald,
    Lillie Ponnusamy, Jennifer Ogle, & The Fairmount Park Auction Team: Night of Staff
  • Davina Dilley:  Dessert Dash
  • Nikki Turpen, Britney Straus, Ali Pankop, & Barbara Ott:  Decorations
  • Angela Powell:  Graphic Design, Live Show Production, & Raise the Paddle Video
  • Games & Entertainment:  Jenna Andersen
  • Chair of Libations:  Amy Cooper
  • Mary Roper:  Auction Printing
  • Mike Powell & Roy Tuscany: Emcee & Auctioneer

Kid Art Artist Leads:  Ashley Morrison, Amy Cooper, Ming Yuan, Lisette Terry, Sasha Bishop, Pauline Chardoul-Sutter, Mary Murphy, Althea Bradley, Nanda Guajardo, JJ, Guajardo, Ali Pankop, Nikki Turpen, Britney Straus, Akemi Sakaida, Paulette Athan, Cynthia Fein-Wallace, Jason Plourde, Stacie Woods, Casey Lynn, Ingrid Seuss-Harkleroad, Rebecca Ripley Kent, Lindsay Duffy, Ashley Beyer, Nicole Kistler, 

Volunteers: Ashley Beyer, Julie Walker-Curran, Mark Curran, Anders Dahl, Pedro Deguzman, Hunter Dilley, Erik Fitterer, Holly Ingalls, Courtney Johnson, Vanessa Longacre-Wilcox, Cheryl Meckley, Amey Nutter, Christopher Nutter, Amy Reese, Owen Reese, Janelle Sosh, Lisa Tirnauer, Rachel Thomas, Annie Wagar, Hope Youngs

I know we’re forgetting people… thank you everyone for your help!

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