Alki Inclusion Committee


As of January 2018 a small group of Alki parents has been meeting on a regular basis to discuss diversity, inclusion, and culture as a part of the Alki Elementary experience. We started with the name Cultural, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, a designation long enough to make you feel a little tuckered by the time you finish saying it. We’ve since developed a mission statement and have adjusted our committee name to match:

The Inclusion Committee Mission statement: To strengthen and enrich the experience of every child, parent, and family of the Alki Elementary community by fostering a more inclusive environment for all.

We currently meet on Wednesdays, about an hour before the early-release of school, because that’s what works for those who are currently involved. That time can easily shifted to accommodate alternate schedules. If you are interested in being a part of these efforts, no matter your schedule, please get in touch with Vanessa at

We want this effort to meet the needs of every family with a child at this school, which makes your perspective and input as valuable as any facetime you might be able to provide. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any thoughts related to the current school culture. Every person we can hear from, whether it be an in-person meeting, phone call, texting, or email exchange will help us better understand what we can do to improve the experience of each individual who walks through the doors of Alki Elementary.

When you know better, you do better. In our effort to know more we’re going to start with listening. I know what I want for my second-grade son, or for my daughter entering kindergarten next fall. In the moments between assemblies and curriculum, on the fringes that aren’t guided by the district, Principal Deese, the teachers, or any of the excellent staff at our school who make the educational experience what it is, there is space for us to identify problematic areas and make changes to fix them. First, we need to understand what isn’t working for you. Within our sphere of influence, how can we make a difference for your child?

As a first step towards greater understanding, we are honored to be hosting Sura Hart, CNCV certified, author of three books, for a night focused on compassionate communication techniques. Be on the lookout for more information about this once we set a date for the event.

Please reach out, with any questions or ideas:

Jenna Andersen ( / 509-760-4600)

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