Delacour Family Cancer Fund


(FROM MS. DELACOUR)  On June 15th, 2016, my twin brother had a sudden onset of pain in his side and difficulty breathing.  At first they thought it could be a kidney stone…instead we received the devastating news that he had Stage 4 metastatic cancer.

It still feels absolutely unbelievable that Ben has a tumor in his colon, on his liver and in both lungs. He’s always been healthy and there was no clear indication that he was not. He rode his bicycle everywhere, and walked dogs hours on end.

We were told numerous times he would never be operable because of how the cancer is in multiple organs. It feels surreal that we are about to take this aggressive step, but we know Ben is strong and believe he will recover swiftly and then return to chemo as soon as possible. We are asking for donations to help make the next steps of treatment (after this surgery) possible.

This month (March 2nd) Ben will be undergoing a liver resection procedure at UWMC performed by a renowned surgeon. We have been told that it is unlikely that we will find a lung surgeon in this area that will be willing to do the procedure he will need, so travel costs are expected to be significant.

Since this cancer journey began in June of 2016, we have received so much support and love in many ways from friends, family, our community and even strangers on the internet. Even sharing this fundraiser on your social media networks helps.

If you would prefer to donate via other apps online, message me.  I can also accept check or cash in person; Those donations can be added on to our fundraising total on here!

With gratitude,

Alia Delacour (1st Grade Teacher @ Alki) –


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