Volunteer @ The Alki-A-Thon!



Each grade will have a tent/canopy as a meeting place and place to rest for the kids.  If you have one of these types of tents (see picture below) and would be willing to lend it for the day, please sign up using SignUpGenius, or contact Julie Madden.   We also need volunteers dedicated to getting these tents set up after drop off.  Tents would need to be delivered to the school prior to 10am.  We need a total of about 9 tents!!

The Alki-A-Thon can’t happen without our awesome volunteers!  You can volunteer for 30 minutes or for the whole day and there are a huge range of options to fit just about anybody’s schedule. Extra bonus– like always, you will get your very own Alki-a-thon t-shirt!

Examples – set up the running course on the field, donate a tent, cut up oranges, help your student’s teacher get kids out onto the course.  For any questions on volunteering, please contact Julie Madden, motneddam@msn.com

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