2018 Auction – Retro Apres Ski… Seeking Leads NOW!


Apres Auction planning is in FULL EFFECT.  Now is your chance to join our team and help plan the raddest party of the year.
Looking to fill the following roles:
  • Sponsorship Coordinator:  Help our procurement team in soliciting business sponsors for our Auction and other Alki fundraisers!
  • Kid Art Coordinator(s):  This position is the middle person between the kid art parent leads and the Auction Chair/Procurement Leads.  Contribute ideas of auctionable art pieces as well as keep everybody on schedule.
  • Decorations Committee:  Work with the Auction Chair (a seasoned veteran) in transforming the Hall at Fauntleroy into a Retro Winter Wonderland Lodge.  Do you have a passion for winter sports and/or the 90s?  JOIN the decorations committee.
  • Games & Entertainment Chair:  Put the FUN in Fundraising… and help us come up with cool fun winter games that will make Alki money.
  • Videographer:  Help Principal Deese come up with a memorable video featuring our kids.  This will be played before our “Raise the Paddle” tugging on the heartstrings of all those in attendance.
  • Ticket Sales:  Help us sell sell sell tickets to the auction.
  • Auction Chair Shadow:  Think you want to chair the Auction in the future and learn the in’s and out’s?  Shadow this years chair Angela Powell and learn how the Auction works and how you can help in the future.

Sign Up Here!  //  Questions?

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