At Last Count Alki-A-Thon Donations have Hit $20,267.21!! Thank You, Alki!


Pledges are STILL rolling in…  Congratulations to the students and classrooms for achieving the most laps run per grade, class spirit award and pledge participation award!



  • John B.
  • Milo R.
  • Eliza C.
  • Esme J.
  • Kadynce P.
  • Madison A.
  • Charlotte H.

1st grade

  • Shane D.
  • Tuula W.
  • Emma P.

2nd grade

  • Pierson B.
  • Isla K.
3rd grade

  • Lincoln S.
  • Reese E.
  • Maddie O.
  • Maya W.
  • Sofia B.
  • Hazel R.

4th grade

  • Cameron F.
  • Lilli A.

5th grade

  • Kiri B.
  • Dylan B.

Class Spirit: Mr Harijan’s 5th Graders

Class Pledge Participation: Rosholt/Rasmussen

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