Alki PTA Budget Process

Prior to the Alki PTA Budget Process staff members will be surveyed to see which line items are of the most importance to staff.

  1. Budget Request Forms Submitted
    • Forms are submitted to the PTA Treasurer and/or President via email or paper copies placed in the PTA mailbox (Alki staff forms are submitted to the Principal.)
    • Forms must be received by the due date to be fully considered
    • All forms are presented to Principal for review and then passed on to PTA Treasurer
    • The following line items will be considered without submission of a Budget: Classroom Discretionary, all Business Expenses, Operations, Administrative, and Miscellaneous (Contingency Fund)
  2. All Budget Requests Presented to Budget Committee
    • Treasurer presents all budget requests received to the Budget Committee
  3. Budget Committee Approves, Alters, or Denies Requests
    • The Budget Committee led by the Treasurer, will meet to create a budget that is in line with the expected income
    • Requests may be approved in full, denied, or altered to fit within the total proposed budget
    • Rationale for altering or denying a budget request will be noted and the person who submitted the request will be informed in writing or via email
  4. Proposed Budget is Presented to the PTA
    • The complete proposed budget, as decided by the Budget Committee, will be presented to the PTA membership 30 days in advance of a final vote typically at May’s General Membership Meeting or via Enews publication
  5. Feedback and Questions
    • The Treasurer and other members of the Budget Committee will take questions and feedback regarding the proposed budget at the May PTA meeting – amending the proposal as necessary
  6. Final Budget is Voted on at a PTA Meeting
    • PTA members will vote on the proposed budget at the June PTA meeting

2017-18 Budget Request Form