School of Excellence Results


The Alki PTA knows that a strong partnership among our families, school leaders, and community at-large is important for the success of our students and school. That’s why we are participating in the National PTA School of Excellence program, which celebrates partnerships between PTA and schools to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being for all students.

At a National PTA School of Excellence, families feel welcomed and empowered to support student success, and PTA is a key partner for continuous school improvement. We feel Alki Elementary and Alki PTA can achieve that together – and the result will be national, state and community-wide visibility for the positive impact we are making together at Alki.

 In late October/early November we distributed an online survey and received 36 responses from Alki families and acquired additional feedback from some Alki staff members.  We then submitted our “Family-School Partnership Scan” from those results and received our customized Roadmap to Excellence which you can view in its entirety here. Alki PTA and staff are continually striving for the best possible experience for our students and from this Roadmap Alki PTA is looking for ways to increase family engagement – specifically towards bringing more dads and father figures into the school and hope to do that in the coming months

For more information please contact Alki PTA President, Amy Cooper.

Alki’s Roadmap to Excellence Results

School of Excellence FAQ’s